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Membership renewals and new memberships are now being accepted.

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Benefits of Membership:

Membership in the Lone Star Chapter APG allows you to meet and network with professionals from your area and develop new skills to advance your professional standing. The Chapter has three online meetings and one in-person meeting at the Texas State Genealogical Society Conference.


You must be a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) before you can join the Lone Star Chapter. Chapter membership is valid through December 31 of the year for which dues are paid ONLY if your APG membership continues. Chapter membership privileges will be forfeited without refund during any lapse of APG membership. Chapter dues paid after 30 September will be applied to the next calendar year. To join or learn more about APG visit their Web site.

All members should complete the form and click the "Submit Data" button so your information will be sent to the Vice President of Membership. BE SURE TO MAKE THE PROPER SELECTION IN ALL RADIO BUTTONS: "select reason you are filling in this form," "I will pay by," and "choose your membership level."

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We prefer Paypal, but if you must pay by check, <a href="contact.href">email the Vice President of Membership</a> for arrangements.
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Only one membership level is now offered: $25 Membership

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$25 Chapter Membership

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